Jonathan Murrell

Dallas Resident Jonathan Murrell

This week, we profile another successful professional who has moved to the Dallas area. Jonathan Murrell recently moved to Texas after several years on the East Coast. He works for a major bank in the area. Before Dallas, Jonathan Murrell lived in Boston, New York, New Hampshire, and Florida. He has lived in a lot of great cities, but Dallas is still his favorite. Jonathan Murrell primarily relocated to Dallas from New York for professional opportunities.

Jonathan Murrell enjoys the culture and entertainment in Dallas. He thinks that Dallas is a great place to live and work because there is always so much to do. It is true that in a big city like Dallas, you can always find a sports game, a new restaurant, or an art show. Jonathan volunteers his time and resources to several good causes. He is passionate about education and giving back. In Dallas, he has found a great community of like-minded volunteers.

Jonathan Murrell looks forward to continuing to grow his career, and his family, in Dallas. In 2012, Jonathan welcomed a daughter into his family. He told us that he has already seen what a great city Dallas is for young families, and he “can’t wait” to show his children everything that the area has to offer.

Jonathan Murrell Founded Computer Literacy Program

As a business student at Florida A&M University, Jonathan Murrell knew the value of having good computer skills. He used a variety of computer skills as a student, most of which he had learned in school. However, he knew that many people did not have to opportunity to become computer literate. For many adults, who did not have computer classes in their school curricula, using a computer remains difficult. In 2002, Jonathan Murrell saw an opportunity to help low-income adults learn the basic computer skills that they would need in the professional world.

At Florida A&M, Jonathan Murrell taught free computer classes to adults. His classes included parents of Florida A&M students, University staff, and community members. The class met twice a week in the evenings to accommodate the schedules of many students who worked during the day. Jonathan Murrell taught basic computer skills like email, internet search, and word processing. He also taught more targeted skills such as Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint. The classes included instructional lectures, handouts for the students to take home, and class lab time for them to practice their new skills.

Jonathan Murrell’s students used their newfound computer skills to apply for jobs, improve their academic and professional work, and use the internet. Some of Jonathan’s classmates joked that their parents started sending them many more emails after Jonathan’s class! Jonathan says that the experience opened his eyes to the ways that he could use his academic and professional skills to help the people around him.

Jonathan Murrell was named Senior Business Administration Student of the Year in 2003 and Junior Business Administration Student of the Year in 2002. After his graduation, he went on to become a successful business professional working in the finance world. He continues to give back to the community through volunteer work and donations.  

Former Member Tuck Tennis Club: Jonathan Murrell

When you hear that Jonathan Murrell has been playing tennis for over a decade, you would think that he’s a professional athlete or at least a competitive one.  However, Jonathan Murrell describes himself as an amateur tennis player who needs to improve his serve.

Jonathan Murrell graduated with his MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth in 2009.  He was honored with the Consortium for Graduate Study in Management, which was a full tuition merit award.  Jonathan Murrell didn’t spend all his time studying during his graduate years, though.  He was involved in many organizations including the tennis club.

According to Jonathan Murrell, there are three main reasons that businessmen such as himself should be athletic:  Mental health, physical health, and financial wealth.

Mental health:  As a portfolio manager who oversees portfolios exceeding $600 million, Jonathan Murrell has a very stressful job.  Playing tennis allows him to relieve his stress and relax his mind.  If it weren’t for this athletic outlet, Jonathan Murrell believes his work performance would suffer.

Physical health:  Aside from keeping the body healthy, business men need to keep in great shape because first impressions matter.  Jonathan Murrell has found that clients respect businessmen who maintain their physical health as it illustrates an ability to effectively manage professional and personal goals.  

Financial health:  Jonathan Murrell has found that people who stay in shape end up spending less on healthcare costs.  

Regardless of these three reasons, Jonathan Murrell intends to keep playing tennis because he simply finds it enjoyable.  When he’s not attending his duties as the vice president of Wells Fargo in Dallas, Texas, you can probably find him on the tennis courts working to improve his serve!